Realizing the benefits of laser engraving plastic.

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Laser Engraving Plastic


The evolution of lasers in the industrial industry has led to many exciting new processes for cutting different types of materials. State-of-the-art lasers can now be used to effectively melt or vaporize specific materials such as plastic. The result is an accurate clean cut and an edge that is smooth with a high-quality finish.


Custom laser cutting is now used to further enhance the versatility of materials like acrylic and polycarbonate. For instance, a plastic laser cutter can be used to cut and polish an acrylic mirror disc in the same step. This combination of steps can save both time and money by removing the need for additional polishing processes.


The precision and tight tolerances offered by custom laser cutters such as a 3-Axis laser cutter also make it possible to intricately engrave or etch plastic to exact specifications. Not all types of plastic are suitable for engraving, but cast resins such as acrylic typically withstand laser engravingexceptionally well.


Common Applications for Laser Engraving Plastic


There are many different applications that may require precision laser engraving plastic. One of the main applications is for security. Laser engraving parts will protect them against forgery and help to prove ownership by creating high quality markings directly into the plastic. For instance, engraving serial numbers or part numbers on plastic components by gently melting the plastic surface with a laser provides a means for tracing parts back to the original supplier.


In addition to laser engraving, laser etching of plastic can also be used to imprint logos or full images on plastic surfaces. This includes the process of back painting to create truly unique and eye-catching graphic effects. The front of the plastic can be laser engraved to create a stunning "matte” look.


The use of digital registration systems with plastic cutting lasers help to register plastics with extreme accuracy. This means that the laser engraving will be completed with consistent quality and to exact specifications every time.

Finding Premium Quality Laser Engraving Services


In order to ensure that custom laser engraving is done to your exact specifications, it is important to choose an experienced company with the most state-of-the-art laser cutting equipment. The leading custom plastic fabrication companies offer a full range of custom laser plastic services (including laser engraving) for projects of any size. This includes one-off products and prototypes as well as full production runs of plastic components. 


Plas-Tech is a leading company in the custom plastic fabrication and distribution industry. They specialize in custom plastic component supply throughout North America with a focus on delivering expert laser work. Clients can expect outstanding precision and quality for any project thanks to the use of powerful, cutting-edge 400 lasers. These lasers can be used to provide professional laser cutting services as well as laser engraving, etching and part marking services.


As part of the dedication to delivering premium quality products through state-of-the-art engineering, Plas-Tech also employs a comprehensive team of design professionals to help bring custom ideas, files and drawings to life.

Discover the benefits of technology and attention to detail; speak to a Plas-Tech representative about laser engraving plastic or any of your plastic fabrication needs today.